Firewood in New Jersey

firewood in New Jersey

We provide premium seasoned New Jersey hardwood for all your fireplace, campfire, and wood heat needs. Our firewood is conveniently located to all of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. If you are looking for firewood in the Lambertville or New Hope areas, we are conveniently located.

We offer firewood by the 0.75 cu. ft. bag, available at Big Bear Gear. We also offer firewood by the cord and the half cord. You can order online for pickup at Big Bear Gear (0.75 cu. ft. bags) or at Bellemont Farm (cord and half cord). Contact us at 609-460-4784 or at with any firewood questions.

Firewood by the bag

We sell premium hardwood firewood in New Jersey by the 0.75 cubic foot bag. This is perfect for the fireplace, the fire pit, or for home heating. Firewood by the bag is always available at our affiliate store, Big Bear Gear.

Firewood by the cord in New Jersey

If you want to stock up on firewood for the season then buy a cord or a half-cord of firewood. This will likely last you all season. At this time we do not deliver, so you would have to pick up a cord of half-cord of wood from our location. If you purchase online, be sure to select “in-store pickup”. Call ahead to make sure that the wood is ready and available. Cord and half-cord firewood orders will typically require a few days to prepare.

How much firewood is in a cord?

A cord of wood is a unit of volume. It is 128 cubic feet. It is usually defined as a stack of wood 4′ deep, 8′ wide and 4′ high, but any compact stacking of wood that is 128 cubic feet is a cord.  A half-cord is half this amount–in other words, 64 cubic feet, often described as 4′ deep, by 4′ wide by 4′ high.

What about other firewood measurements?

In New Jersey, except for packaged firewood and whole logs, it is not legal to sell firewood by any other measure other than a cord or a fraction of a cord. Other terms, such as face cord, truckload, rack, or pile cannot be used.